Every Day 11:00am - 10:30pm

Free Open Play

Open play is free to general public. This free service is provided by Ping Pong Community, a public charity organization, through public donations.

Suggested Donations

Daily Support $5/day
Monthly Support $45/month
Annual Support $380/year
Annual Support Senior (60-69) or Kid (8-18) $200/year
Annual Support Family $580/year
Super senior (70+), Kid age 7 or below, Disabled No donation suggested
* Any amount of donation is welcome. You can choose an amount that is financially affordable to you. ** Your donation is tax-deductible. We will provide receipt for donations of $20 or more.


Old: Sunday 3-6pm, util end of 2018 League Page: aipong.com/vcac
Fee $5
K-12 Student Free
New: Sunday 1230-730pm, Starting Jan 2019 Swan Warrior League
Fee $20
Cash Prize $1000 - $1500
6 Levels U2400, 2200, 1900, 1700, 1500, 800