Latest update: 7/20/2019

Rules and Format

  1. This is a team competition, primarily for teams from companies, club teams are also accepted. All team types should meet their respective eligibility requirements which are detailed in the eligibility section below.
  2. Each team must be formed with a minimum of 3 players, and a maximum of 5 players . A non-playing captain can be accepted as a 6th member.
  3. Participating teams are divided into 10 -12 groups of 4-5 teams each. A maximum of 60 teams will be accepted on a first come first served basis.
  4. Primarily round format is group RR. All teams will be randomly assigned into 10 or 12 groups. First place and Second place teams will be assigned to Division A, and the rest teams will be assigned to Division B.
  5. Division B first round: Teams will be re-group to 8 groups and play group RR. Top 2 from RR will be advanced to Division B playoff round. Division B top 16 Playoff format is: group RR and then single elimination.
  6. Top 4 teams from Division B will be promoted to Division A
  7. Division A first round: all teams will be re-group into 8 groups and play group RR. CLC Organizing committee will define top 8 seeds by referencing top 3 players’ rating. Top 2 teams from Group RR will continue to play single elimination until final.
  8. Each team match consists of five individual matches and can end when one team has won three out of five matches. Each individual match shall be a best of five games with 11 points in each game.
  9. Before the start of the match, the team that wins the toss shall choose to be either ABC team or XYZ team.
  10. The first player must play two singles. The second player must play one single and one double. No restrictions on other players.
    Order Type ABC team XYZ team
    1 Single A Y
    2 Single B X
    3 Double B + any player except A Y + any player except X
    4 Single A X
    5 Single C Z
  11. Organizers reserve the right to adjust the group size, group drawing, and the play off round size. The adjustments will be done if necessary depending on the number of registered teams for the tournament.

Team Eligibility Requirements

  1. All members of a company team must be employees, interns, or contractors with badge as of registration date.
  2. All members of a club team must be active members or donors of their respective clubs during the entire tournament period.
  3. For club teams, top 2 members cannot exceed a combined USATT rating of 4300 and top 3 members cannot exceed USATT rating of 6200 as of registration start date. Rating is calculated as Max(USATT Tournament Rating, USATT League Rating), if one of the ratings is within recent 3 years. For unrated players or players who do not have a rating dated in last 3 years as of 7/22/2019, following rules apply:
    1. Team captain shall provide an estimated rating to the best knowledge of the captain
    2. CLC rating sub committee will review and adjust if necessary
  4. A player cannot be part of a club team, if there is a company team from the player’s company unless company team is full (>=4players) and it is not possible to form a new company team.
  5. Joint company teams of 2 companies are accepted, provided there are no other individual or joint teams from their respective companies.
  6. Captain of the team is responsible for the integrity of the team, ensure the eligibility of team members, and produce verifiable proofs if demanded by the organizing committee.
  7. Not meeting the eligibility requirements listed above would result in disqualification.


  1. Every team requires at least 3 players, limits to 5 players
  2. Each company or club can register multiple teams, no upper limits.
  3. Each team registration fee $100. Early bird $80 if register before 7/31.
  4. Register at this google sheet. Please make sure to mention which Saturday your team can’t play.
  5. Paypal entry fee to Please state out from which team when making paypal transfer.


  1. Division A champion: $800 + Medal
  2. Division A runner up: $400 + Medal
  3. Division A semi-finalists: $200
  4. Division A 5th - 8th: $100
  5. Division B champion: $100
  6. Division B runner up: $50


* All matches other than playoff and final will be played on Saturday 6-10:30PM. During registration, please specify which Saturday your team can’t play. OC will avoid assigning you to that weekend.

  1. 7/22 - 8/13: Registration. Early bird discount applies before 7/31.
  2. 8/17 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group A and B
  3. 8/24 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group C and D
  4. 8/31 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group E and F
  5. 9/7 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group G and H
  6. 9/14 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group I and J
  7. 9/21 6-10:30 PM Group RR, group K and L
  8. 9/28 6-10:30 PM Division B group RR, group B-A, B-B
  9. 10/5 6-10:30 PM Division B group RR, group B-C, B-D
  10. 10/12 6-10:30 PM Division B group RR, group B-E, B-F
  11. 10/26 6-10:30 PM Division B group RR, group B-G, B-H
  12. 11/2 12-10:00PM Division B playoff Group RR (16 ->8)
  13. 11/3 1-8PM Division B Final
  14. 11/9 12-10:00PM CLC Division A Playoff Group RR (24 ->8)
  15. 11/10 1-8PM CLC Division A Final

* CLC organizing committee reserve right to adjust schedule for unexpected situation happens


  1. The official match ball for this competition is Nittaku 3 star Premium. First round, players can use other balls under two teams’ agreement. The organizers will provide match balls for final rounds.
  2. A CLC 2018 captains communication group will be formed in either google groups or WeChat. All tournament announcements will be done in this group.
  3. There will be live stream provided for final round matches