Registration Jan 15 - 28

Register at

Warm up: Jan 27

Time: 5pm - 10pm.

Group Feb 3 - March 3

Time: Saturday Feb 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 3, 5pm - 10pm
Format: Round Robin

Top two teams in each group advance to Final.

Feb 3 Group A

Feb 312345
GROUP A T&Y FBABC123Loop HardH&MSwan Warriors

Feb 10 Group B, C

Feb 10123456
GROUP B龙飞象舞 (Dragon & Elephant)KKL&W九二共识 (1992 Consensus)TBDDiakonos
GROUP C初试锋芒 (First Try)衣锦夜行freestyleT&Y四门坦克 (Symantec)Micron

Feb 17 Group D

Feb 17123456
GROUP D 双星报喜 (Double Lucky Star)We'll Think of SomethingWeKen披金戴银魔卡TTLT

Feb 24 Group E

Feb 24123456
GROUP E风林火山(Wild Fire)父子兵 (Father & Son)狼烟再起 (Fire Again)PhoenixJ&W红色里程

Mar 3 Group F, G

Mar 3123456
GROUP F宁笑江湖SWAT樊振东 & 马龙 (FZD & ML)直板王一队(pen holder-1)砍瓜切菜 (Smashing)Koki Ni Wa Ha Ha (丹羽笑嘻嘻)
GROUP G迦兵 (Canaan Soldier)CHOOOOOOO-LEM&M双龙取水HurricaneWG


Lost Pearl March 10 - 11

Time: Saturday Mar 10, 5pm - 10pm, Sunday Mar 11, 3pm - 8pm
Format: * TBD

Teams that have not qualified for finals can register at one of the two Lost Pearl events. Two Winners of the events qualify for final. Two runner ups of the events get consolation prize and are the replacement teams for top 16 teams that cannot make the final.

Final March 17

Time: Saturday March 17, 2pm - 9pm
Format: Group RR followed by Single Elimination

Top 16 teams will fight for the U3700 Champion. Semi-finals and Finals will be lively broadcasted with commentators.